8 tips to academic excellence part 1

In Your Search for Excellence?

God Himself is a God of excellence, no wonder he made all things perfect and endows His children with an excellent spirit.  He has given you all that it takes to succeed at whatever you do, it is just for you to believe and tap into His abundant resources. Do not allow your studies to compete with God’s time in your life because you need Him to sustain and see you through. I understand the place of prayer in your academics but it is not enough; remember that faith without work is dead, play your own part and do your best; pray as if you will never read and read as if you will never pray. Above all, He is the one who makes you to “will” or “do” of his good pleasure



Many people have problems of misplaced priorities because they find it very difficult to order things according to their importance.  You have to understand that your primary reason for being in school is to study in order to come out with good grades that will give you an edge in this highly competitive world; every other thing is secondary such as clubs, associations, parties etc.  How you channel your resources and apportion your time is a function of what your scale of preference is like. If your academics is important to you, you will invest your time, money and energy; you will do anything to get the right materials and textbooks to upgrade you and make you a better student, but if you pay more attention to trivial things; you might soon be on your way to failure. 


Set a target

Don’t start your semester without having a sense of direction; if you do not set an achievable target for yourself, you will discover very late that you are studying aimlessly.  Be ambitious and always aspire to be the best because you deserve it; don’t settle for less, believe in yourself, set out plans and develop strategies to accomplish them.  Setting targets ignite your passion and that is the driving force that will propel you towards excellence.  For example, when I got into college, I was determined to make a First class; even when it seemed difficult, I kept assuring myself I could do it and kept pressing on until I achieved it and today I am sharing my success story.


Be disciplined

Discipline is a very essential principle of excellence that is lacking in the lives of so many youths hiding under the shadow of freedom to do anything.  Self-discipline is a conscious control over your lifestyle and you need to nurture it because it is one of an achiever’s greatest weapon.  Some students have worn indolence as a robe, nonchalance as a footwear and procrastination as a hat getting dressed to travel the road of shambles; they look into the mirror of stupidity with so much satisfaction and bid their studies goodbye.  They get to the end of the road only to see an ocean of failure; they skilfully dive into it and continue to swim in confusion until they are being swept away by a tide of destruction.  You should be disciplined enough to have a study timetable that guides you like a map in a journey; be punctual for all lectures and complete your assignments without waiting for deadlines; be committed to your study time and you can be sure of remarkable results.


Stay focused

I’m not talking about a gaze, I mean conditioning your mind to one important goal you must achieve.  Know what you want and go for it with all determination, enthusiasm and optimism.  Distraction can come in any form such as businesses, relationships, friends, families and so on; note that not so many things can travel with you on the way to success; a lot of unwanted baggages have to be dropped because they might slow you down.  There are things that can wait because they will always be there; however if you cannot make sacrifices for your academics, then don’t think about excellence. Excellence is not plucked from a tree or picked on the road; it takes a lot of commitment and discipline to achieve it.  When your eyes are fixed on something, you can hardly miss any detail and even when there are times when you are tempted to shift grounds, return as soon as you acknowledge it because the farther you move away from your goals, the lesser the chances of achieving them.


Philip Christopher

President of Growing Hearts Initiative