8 tips to academic excellence part 2

Manage your time

As endless as TIME is, you cannot hold onto it; as the clock ticks and seconds count, you’re getting closer to your end no matter how old you live.  Time management is the act of controlling and organizing events as they are being influenced by time; this has become a skill because many people are guilty of mismanagement.  Even if 24 hours were increased to 48 hours in a day, many will still complain it’s not enough.  There is time for everything; time to admitted and time to graduate, time to study and time to write exams.  Procrastination has eaten deep into the minds of some students such that everything is always for a later date, they start their day without proper planning on how to apportion their time and instead of controlling the events, they end up being controlled by them, they slump into their beds at the end of each wasted day, wake up the next day worthlessly and remain the same.  At the start of each semester, many busy about with frivolities and when exams draw close; they start expecting miracles, rush and muddle up things, write exams ill-prepared and expect fantastic results.  Instead, make a deliberate effort to plan your day, make a list of events and appointments and make sure you are disciplined enough to meet up. Time is a free but non-renewable resource, so spend each moment wisely.


Keep the right Company

You are who you move with, there are different kinds of companies you can keep in an academic environment but the choice of those that can make or mar you is entirely yours to make.  Students form cliques for different reasons; to some, it gives them a feeling of importance while for others; it’s a way of being a part of something. For good companies, it has to do with mingling with people of similar interests and goals, people of like minds, passion and vision who have excellence as their watch word, people who believe in your dreams and are ready to push you through.  It can be a study group where you exchange ideas, learn and also impart others.  Although you must develop yourself independently, you cannot be an island because the more you share your knowledge, the more you know; don’t be scared of making mistakes, you stand to be corrected but remember that your clique can only help you outside the examination hall, so maximize the moments you share with them. If you ever develop any form of academic apathy, the best thing to do is to talk about it; let people with positive thinking advise you and deliver you from misery. For bad companies on the other hand, your circle of friends are like viruses that corrupt your mind, becloud your thinking and cause you to lose yourself and your purpose for living.  They lure you into all forms of vices such as drugs, gambling, prostitution, cultism, internet fraud, examination malpractices and so on.  If they determine the kind of life that you lead, so mighty will be your fall and guess what – you will be falling alone; some are in complete jeopardy and are looking for partners in failure.  Quickly identify bad friends and dissociate yourself before you become entangled. Evil and Excellence both start with the letter ‘E’ but they are two separate roads you cannot travel at the same time.


Don’t copy others

Carve out your own niche; know what you are capable of doing and the extent you can go.  Be yourself and never try to study like someone else; understand your pattern of learning and develop your style of studying.  Never compare yourself with anyone because people apply principles of success differently; this is what I mean, for example, students in the same class receiving the same lecture under the same condition cannot assimilate at the same rate.  Know your pace, never give up, try to catch up and you will soon be up.  Recognise your time of maximum assimilation, day or night and fix up your study timetable; never follow friends to study when it is very inconvenient for you, you might just be the greatest loser, so be wise.


Prepare adequately

Examination is a test designed to measure the academic aptitude of students to ascertain their level of understanding of a particular subject.  Knowing fully that you have to pass it to be promoted to the next level, why won’t you give it your best shot.  Don’t start studying too close to exams, you will only be tasking your brain too hard, denying yourself of enough rest and putting your entire body system in a state of higgledy-piggledy.  Information is being stored over time and not spontaneously, no magic will magnetize answers to your brain, so why don’t you make sacrifices, burn the mid night oil, go the extra mile and do your best, stay healthy with a good diet and be punctual for all your exams . You don’t have to cheat if you have played your role well because you will be destroying your image and peradventure you get caught, the consequences are very severe, so beware.


Philip Christopher

President of Growing Hearts Initiative