Simple ways to discover yourself

Excellence is a quality of being outstanding; it is not a trait, hence it cannot be inherited.  There is no one way of achieving excellence academically or otherwise; it is how you apply the principles governing it that determines the outcome.

Excellence comes with a price, only those who understand its worth can pay for it.  I will like to share with you some tips that can help you discover yourself, harness your Heaven’s deposited treasure and express your vision with passion to possession.

First to begin with, every man born of a woman is a potential seed for excellence, God is an Excellent God and His image and likeness can be nothing less. Discovering, harnessing and expressing this hidden treasure is the secret for achieving excellence.

We are designed and wired per excellence. God made us earthen in Vessel, but packaged with heavenly treasures, the instrument of every man’s designed was in accordance with the solution he or she is created to solve – “every tool they say is designed for a purpose”.

The purpose of every man is packaged with a Product; it is this product-the brain child of our vision and purpose that gives life fulfilment and satisfaction. When we find ourselves and actualize our purpose, God reward you with fulfilment, men will reward you with wealth and you have satisfaction.

Come with us on this self-discovery journey to EXCELLENCE!


Philip Christopher

President of Growing Hearts Initiative