Turn your vision and passion into action

Vision is good, Passion is great, but untill you turn both into Action, things remain in thier domant state.

Like the laws of motion, untill an external force is applied to any situation, it remains at an in-movable state. Life is all about accepting RESPONSIBILITY. The word  “Responsibility” is a compound  words derived from   (RESPONS) – (I) – (BILITY),  which can be interpreted to mean :-  ” I am able to respond” , or ” I have the Ability to respond” , or ” My Ability will not turn into reality untill I respond”.

So, rising to profound solutions to the enermous proplems in our society is all that is needed to better our lives.

Let us all RESPOND;

We have the ABILITY

We are ABLE

We can bring CHANGE. It all begins with ME!


Philip Christopher

President of Growing Hearts Initiative